****No yoga classes Labor Day Monday, September 4th!

Yoga is adaptable to every BODY!  Because of the adaptability yoga offers, each class offered at Skilled Touch will adjust to all levels of expertise!  You have the option of signing up for classes online, but that is not required.  Our new studio is a 500 square foot studio, offering the optioin of just "dropping in" for a class without signing up!  Below you will find our current class schedule and class descriptions, all classes are all levels and 60 minutes long. More classes and times will be offered as the need arises! Hope to see you soon!  


     9:00am       ABC                              with Sondra
     7:00pm       ABC                              with Paula

     9:00am       ABC                             with Sondra

     9:00am       Yin                              with Sondra


Class Descriptions:

ABC (Absolute Beginners Class): This class is focused on the foundations of yoga.  A class that is tailored for beginners, but also for those with an established practice who want to get back to the basics.  Yogis will work to build strength, flexibility and balance on the outside while finding peace, relaxation and focus within.

Vinyasa: A fluid, flowing class that uses breath to smoothly move from one pose to another.  This class will bring more fire into your practice, challenging your strength and stability, no matter if this is your first ever class or 101st!

Slow Flow: A variation of vinyasa, this class slows things down.  It takes your fast paced vinyasa practice into slow-mo, as if you are tying to move through molasses.  Each movement is mindful and with intention, allowing time to settle into each posture.

Vin to Yin: An awesome combo of Yang and Yin.  Begin the practice with the movement and flow of a vinyasa to build up yang.  Then transition into the more static, cool practice of Yin.  In Chinese Medicine, Yang is fire and Yin is water.  This class works to fined balance and harmony between both!

Restorative: The perfect class for when you just need to chill and unwind.  Poses are usually seated or reclined, passive and fully supported.  They aim to heal and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

Yin: In Chinese Medicine Yang is fire and Yin is water.  Yin yoga adds water and coolness to your practice.  Poses are stationary and held for longer periods of time (2-5 minutes).  This class looks to release deep connective tissue, increasing joint movement and range of motion.



Drop in: $15                          Student/Senior/Military: $12

10 Class Pass: $130

1 month unlimited: $120



Private yoga sessions are also avalible.  During these you will work one on one with your teacher on your yoga practice.  These sessions are 60 minutes long.  During your first session we will take the first 15 or so minutes to discuss what you are looking for and your goals of your yoga practice.  The rest of your session, your teacher will guide you through a custom sequense adapted to your needs.  All private sessions will be a full 60 minutes working with your yoga teacher on your personal practice.

60 min private yoga session: $75