Lymphatic Therapy

Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy (L.E.T.)

Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy (LET)- focus is to restore or maintain the most important system of your body- the lymphatic system. Similar to manual lymphatic drainage, LET supports drainage of the lymphatic system, decreases inflammation & enhances the immune system, while supporting all detox pathways of the body. More effective than manual lymphatic drainage alone, LET is a unique therapy combining light, sound, and micro current through the use of wands- to decongest and stimulate the lymphatic system.

This technique, promoting ultimate lymphatic health, has evovled since 1994 and now has been upgraded to meet medical standards. Skilled Touch Massage + Wellness is excited to bring this next generation therapy of lymphatic health to our clinic, in Gretna, NE! We were the first clinic in the Omaha/Metro area to offer Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy!

The lymphatic system has 3 important functions.

Drainage: Protein rich fluids accummulate in the tissues and can be damaging if left to become stagnant. Theis include waste products and numerous toxins from organs & extremities.

Immune Support:Immune cells reach all areas of the body. They migrate into the spaces between blood vessels and cells and return via the lymphatic channels.

Transport: The lymphatic system supports the return of protein rich molecules, immune cells and toxic materials from the limbs & organs to liver and spleen for elimination. Also, supports transport of certain nutrients from the intestinal tract to the circulatory system.

The lymphatic system is involved with all body system function. It is involved with prevention as well as healing. Treating the lymphatic system is an excellent prevention technique OR it can assist in any healing program. The lymphatic system IS your immune system!

What causes the breakdown of the lymphatic system?

Dehydration is a major contributor to poor lymphatic health. Also, lack of exercise, imporper diet, environmental toxins, medications, trauma (physical or emotional) or infection, as well as normal cellular debris. The result of backed up stagnant lymph provides a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and cancer cells. This stagnation leads to pain, lumps, bumps, swelling, fatigue, and ill health.

***Worthy of consideration...breast tissue is like a sponge, holding all fluid with all hormones and toxins within the breast tissue fluid. Without movement of this fluid, tissues are exposed to higher levels of toxins/hormones for much longer periods. This is being reccognized as a significant contributor to breast cancer risk...*** 

Many health problems are related to inflammation and congestion of the lymphatics system.

Health conditions that can benefit from Lymphatic drainage, but are not limited to, are:

~Head and sinus issues, allergies, frequent colds & flu, migraines, tinitus (ringing in the ears), vertigo, neck and shoulder stiffness

~Autoimmune Disorders (Lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, asthma)

~Anxiety, depression, restless leg syndrome, stress, post traumatic stress disorder, insomnia, and premenstrual syndrome

~Detox in general and/or after chemotherapy

~Men's AND Women's health issues

~Pre and Post-surgery recovery, including esthetic work; sports injury rehab

~Post breast cancer lymphedema, post cancer treatment recovery and edema

~Post-surgical edema includes joint replacements, dental work, cosmetic surgeries, etc

~Irritable bowel syndrome, Chrons Disease; poor digestion; bloating

~Neuropathy and chronic pain

~Reduced appearance of cellulite

The purpose of Lymph Drainage is to encourage lymphatic fluid movement through the body and transporting waste materials through lymph nodes that filter lymph fluid and then return it to the vascular system.  LET is highly effective in stimulating immunity and regulating fluid balance.

Who seeks out LET?

Basically, there are two groups of people that seek out Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy.

One, those who are accustomed to natural approach to care. They may have experienced a condition, or know someone who has, where conventional treatment options proved ineffective.

Two, the "Walking Unwell"-those seeking a deeper understanding of symptoms, desiring an integrative approach to health and health maintenance. "Prevention is better than cure"-and also requires much less effort, money, and often times less medical intervention!

What to expect in a session

Each session is very relaxing and will be catered towards the specific condition, problem or issues.  For those with any swelling issues or health concerns, we focus our session on and around those specific areas of concern.  Most people can feel, if not see, the difference after the first session. Sessions are approximately 60minutes. A minimum of 3 sessions is reccommended to see results.

LET is very safe, even for children! However there are a few contraindications of those who have a pacemaker or those with congestive heart failure.

We use the Lymphstar ProFusion and manual lymphatic massage to help the body overcome imbalance. Our therapists have been trained by Desiree DeSpong, international trainer from New Zealand, For more specific information on this technology see: 

If you have any questions about Lymphatic drainage techniques, please contact us at 402-708-0440.