Infertility Options

Mercier' Therapy as an option to Fertility Challenges

Infertility challenges
have become more and more prominent in the United States today.  Mercier’ Therapy is a gentle, drug free, safe and effective therapy option to help with fertility issues.  This therapy is non-invasive.  Most women do become pregnant within 6-12 months upon completion of the therapy regime.

Numerous women seek out an endocrinologist to assist them in achieving a pregnancy.  Sadly, it is not uncommon to endure several IUI/IVF cycles before achieving a successful pregnancy. When contemplating a pregnancy, the goal is to assure a solid foundation is available to build upon.   

Mercier’ Therapy works to re-establish this foundation of optimal pelvic health by restoring circulation and organ mobility within the pelvic structure.  Although Mercier’ Therapy was originally designed to be a stand-alone regime, it complements the outcome of the medically assisted techniques of IUI or IVF when the work is completed prior to the IUI/IVF procedure. 

It is estimated that 40% of all women are affected with mechanical infertility ~ where the organs are not functioning properly.  Adhesions take responsibility for over 50% of the cases in these women! 

Mercier’ Therapy breaks down these adhesions by creating increased blood flow and mobility to the pelvic organs. 

Many OB-GYN and reproductive endocrinology physicians have supported this type of therapy due to the wonderful results reported by their patients.  Research completed on the effects of soft tissue work in conjunction with IVF/IUI revealed an increase in successful pregnancy from 40% to 69%! 

The typical therapy regime is a commitment of 6-8 individual sessions.  The work is rehabilitative in nature and therefore, must be consistent to help restore optimal function within the pelvic musculature, fascia and ligaments.  The regime is designed to be completed over a 4-6 week period, as circumstances allow. 

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