Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) is a form of energy work that engages with the connective tissues of the body to assist in unwinding and releasing trapped tension. This therapy is delivered with a very light touch, fully clothed. CST is a highly effective therapy for relaxation at a much deeper level than what may be achieved in swedish massage therapy.

These are a few things CST will help:

*healing following a concussion, trauma or injury from a fall

*increase blood flow to the brain by 20-30%

*balances blood flow throughout body

*Improves mental clarity

*Emotional Stress

*Increases range of motion in joints; addresses TMJ pain

*Relieves pain settled in tissues; headaches, low back, neck

*Promotes calmness and relaxation

*Hyperactivity, Autism, Asburgers

*Dizziness, loss of balance